Will-O Wicks was started in 2021 by Caitlyn Bell-Torevell, a queer Asexual hoping to aid in the accessablity of anime and pride merchandice throughout Australia. Starting as a candle company throughout the pandemic, they quickly planned to expand their business to aid in the main stream adaption of their favorate form of entertainment and promote the acceptence of LGBTQIA+ individuals like themselves.


Our candles are handmade by the owner using Australian produce and suppliers, in the submarine town of Holbrook, sporting a 9% fragerance oil content, verses the industry standard of 2%, means our customers recieve almost five times the amount of scent to warm their homes with, easily filling the room even without lighting their candle of choice. Our candles burn for a minimum of 30 hours, often lasting up to 40 or 50 when only burnt for a few hours at a time.

Our soaps and bath salts are made by the lovely Sauve Soaps located in Victoria, sourced by their hard working goats and fellow suppliers to create delicious looking artisan creations to brighten up any bathroom.

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